PT. Multi Areal Planing Indonesia that also known as PT. MAPID is an Indonesian company of Procurement Goods and Services in mapping. Our services are provide a high-technology multi surveying tools in aerial, land and water; mapping service and GIS software as well.


Since 2015, our clients has spread from all over Indonesia, and we are always try to improve and innovate our service as well as our technology to meet the needs of our clients


For the surveying tools, Our company is using one reference surveying system that concerns in RTK Drone, RTK GPS, and RTK Bathymetry. RTK or Real Time Kinematics is used in every  surveying tools which will make the earth survey efficient and accurate.


From the technology, because we believe that the accuracy of data management is necessary, so our data will be supported with 3D modelling and a cloud based GIS software. The purpose of using those technologies is to support our surveying system so that its easier to plan a project and also convenient to analyze the results

Professional RTK, GNSS, GPS, Echosounder, and Total Stations surveying tools

Graupner/SJ GmbH is a radio control equipment manufacturing company founded in 1930 by Johannes Graupner in Stuttart-Wangen.

Real-time mapping platform for the entire workflow of your organization

Agisoft PhotoScan is a stand-alone software product that performs photogrammetric processing of digital images and generates 3D spatial data

MikroKopters are universal aerial platforms

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