MAPID GDP is the first and newest mapping platform technology in Indonesia with collaborating features such as survey, viewer and editing your mapping data, real time access across all your devices.

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Toolbars manual

Searching features (Name, attribute, etc)

Use cursors

Show layer list

Zooming in the selected area

Zoom in / zoom out

Zoom out to available feature area

Hide right toolbars

Print a map

select and click the feature you want to know more (pop up)

Measure tool (length, area)

Select feature by drawing an area

See how GIS in the cloud works…

MAP Viewer

Access private maps shared with you, anytime, anywhere, online & offline.

True collaboration on all levels.

Surveyor 1

MAP Surveyor

Surveyor 2

Surveyor 3

Mobile Data Collection let your surveyor easily collect, inspect and update data in the field using custom forms. Access your maps online and offline.


MAP Editor

Upload your vector & raster datasets or publish data from your desktop tools.

Create, style and edit maps. Share projects and invite your coworkers to join you.





MAP Portal

Make your maps publicly available through a simple and intuitive interface.

Brand your Portal with colors, logo and layout, enrich maps with the search option and custom filters.

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