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Enterprise Dashboard Development

Technological development enforce various industries to be able to process their data on their own, while there are many businesses that have limitations in processing the data, whether from human resource or technology that they used. We aware that every business need a data based recommendation that useful to make a right strategy.

Therefore, we are here to help your business in building a real-time information center that can provide you with accurate data-based recommendations.

Pengolahan data menjadi insight

Data Processing

Data processing becomes insight

With experience in processing data that is quite complex, we can help your business in processing various kinds of data to become an insight that can help you understand the phenomena obtained from the data.

He data processing that we do will be poured into the form of a report that contains the story of how we collect data, process it, and analyze it so that it becomes an important insight to know.

Penyebaran survei terfokus

Questionnaire Survey

Targeted survey

In running a Business, we often faced a problem that is hard to obtain data information from outside quickly, it happens because of limited access and appropiate resources.

Other problem is the method of data acquisition which still manual and not yet integrated, and the difficulty of processing data from the survey results that are manual.

Our platform is equipped with function to connect data that you need with public and surveyors. Our community will find valid and accurate information from trusted sources.

With an easy-to-use function, you can create public surveys where you can share survey links through social media or certain channels. Beside that, the superiority of this platform is surveyor or respondent could collect data whether Online or Offline.

With the surveyor community that we have, you can create paid surveys that are suitable for you to conduct asset surveys, market surveys, community surveys, and other surveys efficiently, quickly and professionally.

Integrasi smart devices

Internet of Things

Smart devices Integration

The implementation of the Internet of Things in various industries creates the need to be able to manage multiple sensors spread across a single platform. Such as sensors for early warning of floods, fleet management systems, and smartcity.

Therefore our platform was developed to be able to integrate with various IoT sensors and visualize all of these sensors into an user-friendly platform.

Survei drone LIDAR

LIDAR Survey

Survey drone LIDAR

LiDAR drones can replace terrestrial surveys that are usually carried out manually. The implementation of this technology can improve accuracy in a regional mapping survey.

Survei topografi GPS RTK

Survei GPS RTK

Survey topography GPS RTK

Besides LiDAR surveys, we can also conduct terrestrial mapping surveys using GPS RTK which is high-tech and can produce coordinates with an accuracy level of below 2cm.

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