Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Jakarta

The Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

The Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is a rapid transit system located in the capital city of Jakarta. MRT Jakarta's scope of work includes the construction, maintenance and operation of MRT facilities and infrastructure, as well as managing property or businesses around the Lebak Bulus Depot area and its surroundings.


Market Surveys usually take a long time because they require certain data from MRT Jakarta passengers to be processed according to market needs, thereby delayed business decision making.


MAPID is actively conducting market surveys in the Jakarta MRT ecosystem using the MAPID FORM to obtain data that can support businesses around the Jakarta MRT area. The results of the survey then analyzed by data analysts from MAPID according to information needs, and the results of the data analysis will become recommendations in optimizing the development of transit areas and MRT Jakarta services.

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