BBWS Cilicis

BBWS Cilicis

The Ciliwung Cisadene River Basin Agency (BBWS) has a unit in the Ciliwung Cisadene River Basin area in Jakarta. The BBWS Cilicis has the task of controlling floods in Jakarta.


The lack of integrated disaster reporting for floods results in slow decision-making, which can lead to damage or losses, both material and non-material. During a flood disaster, delayed decision-making may make it difficult to assess the situation immediately. This can result in damage to infrastructure and property, leading to material losses, as well as non-material losses such as loss of life and displacement from homes or livelihoods. Therefore, integrating flood disaster reporting is crucial to ensure quick and effective decision-making in addressing the impacts of flood disasters.


MAPID has mapped flood sensors with dozens of sensors scattered in the Ciliwung-Cisadane River Basin area, sending real-time monitoring data on water level and rainfall to minimize damage to water facilities and infrastructure. During the flood season, dozens of surveyors are ready to report on floods, and the reported data is displayed in real-time at the Smart Water Center.

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