Jagoan Indonesia

Jagoan Indonesia

Jagoan Data is a technology startup that focuses on training and developing interactive dashboards that are useful in the process of making business policies and decisions. The development of a single data dashboard has become an important pillar in supporting Smart Cities.


In March 2022, Jagoan Data will conduct a survey related to the distribution of KUR (People's Business Credit) and monitoring of micro-enterprises in the agricultural/livestock/plantation fields in Medan and its surrounding areas. The project requires a platform that can be used as a medium to collect information and also as a location for the information to be taken.


MAPID, with its product FORM MAPID, becomes the solution for Jagoan Data's needs. The Jagoan Data team uses GEO MAPID to easily compile survey inputs. Two titles have been created, namely "Monitoring Micro-Enterprise Actors in the Agricultural/Livestock/Plantation Sectors, etc." and "Questionnaire Survey on the Distribution of KUR by Officers of the People's Credit Bank of Indonesia". The GEO and FORM products from MAPID make it easier for the Jagoan Data team to gather data quickly and accurately so that Jagoan Data can focus more on in-depth analysis and interactive visualization.

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