Kedaireka is a matching fund program from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemdikbudristek) of the Republic of Indonesia to create collaboration and synergy between universities (higher education institutions) and partner parties. Kemdikbudristek appointed Trisakti University to collaborate with PT MAPID and the Housing Agency of DKI Jakarta to run the Kedaireka program, which is a housing backlog survey in the Krendang sub-district.


The Housing Agency wants to conduct a housing backlog survey in DKI Jakarta to determine the number of suitable and unsuitable houses in Jakarta, which will facilitate decision-making regarding the development of flats for some areas in DKI Jakarta. Nevertheless, because data collection requires human entry, it takes a long time.


MAPID helps with the housing survey using the MAPID form to speed up the data collection process. Delivering the data in real-time to the dashboard. The user has immediate access to the data, and they can download the survey results.

Kedaireka solution usecase