New Method to Optimize Location Data

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Steps to Optimize Location Data

Technological development enforce us to proccess the data to create appropiate strategy. Our platform delevoped to analyze location-based data that can be applied in a variety of use cases.


Integration and Collection Data

mapid data integration

Plentiful of Data

Our platform integrate various kind of data in user-friendly design. Market survey, asset tracking, demographic data, survey data, integration data thru API, and many more.


Data Management

mapid manajemen data

Data collaboration settings

Our platform uses cloud-based technology that can be use collaboratively and able to access the data anywhere and anytime.


Visualization and Analyzation Data

Tools for everyone

mapid visualisasi 3D

3D Visualization

3D Visualization feature give you a new experience in understanding dynamic data.

mapid grafik interaktif

Interactive Graphic

You can display the data as you want in the form of statistical graphs and interactive map displays

mapid toolbox peta

Maps Toolbox

Our platform is equipped with analytical features such as measuring length, area, elevation profile, and radius analysis


Data Community

Data from Us to Us

Data that you have collected and proccessed become insight location and could be useful for everyone. Through publication, the location insight that you create can be read by public and can be use to others users thru the attach data feature.

mapid data komunitas

Public Data

Our platform provides commonly used data and can be directly used in your project.

mapid data publik


Indonesian administrative area

mapid data publik


Population, age, gender, education

mapid data publik

Land Zone

Land type, land price

mapid data publik


Floods, Earthquake, Slide, etc

mapid data publik


Waste management, green area, etc.

mapid data publik


House price, House type

mapid data publik


Potential, Existing, etc.

mapid data publik


MRT, Busway, etc.

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Instant Data

Get location insights on demographic information, nearby businesses and land information with one click.

mapid data instan sini
mapid data instan sini

Social Media

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